Promotion Ideas for the 2010 Holidays using backOffice™ Software

  1. Halloween Mix and Match [Soda and Candy]
  2. Early Bird Thanksgiving Sales
  3. Black Friday Sales
  4. Cyber Monday Promotions IN-STORE to compete with on-line stores
  5. Cross-Channel Promotions [$10 off your next in-store visit]
  6. Promotions to encourage repeat visits [Gift Cards with purchase of $100 or more]
  7. Charitible donation tie-ins [Walk for a Cure, Local School Fundraiser, etc]
  8. TGIF” or “HUMP DAY” specials
  9. Time-sensitive promotions to encourage sense of urgency
  10. Mix and Match promotions using a Loss Leader product


Preparing for the holiday shopping season is an annual necessity that can’t be avoided or ignored by most retailers.  backOffice™ can help to maximize your Holiday sales results during this critical selling period.  backOffice™ will make your Holiday promotions easy to create and profitable for your business.  If you are a new backOffice™ customer, create your promotions and save them for next year.  If you are an existing backOffice™ customer, leverage what’s worked in the past by reviewing your sales numbers from last year and see which promotions worked best for you.




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