Green Grocer uses backOffice™ Software with their Datasym Registers

Today we would like to feature our local customer GREEN GROCER.  Green Grocer maintains a friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff with over 15 years of experience as health and nutrition specialists. They offer one of the largest selections of organic produce in the New York Capital Region and a complete line of natural food grocery items with large selections of free range poultry and meats, vitamins, herbs and more.

Green Grocer Customer Nurturing:
Green Grocer is a natural foods store where you can get not only the product you want but, lots of information about the product, ask any questions you may have and get answers. Someone is always there to help you with your specific needs. They are not a natural food section in a big store where you get only a product. They are the natural food store where you can make your purchases and get a whole lot more!!

Green Grocer Carries a Full Line of Organic Products Including:
Fresh dairy products: milk, cheeses with no added hormones or additives. Local organic goat milk products. Local and organic free range eggs. Hormone & antibiotic free meats & poultry, wild salmon, frozen fish, nitrite free hot dogs, cold cuts & sausages free range turkeys can also be special ordered for Holidays. One of the largest wheat free/gluten free sections in the capital district.

We have known Green Grocer for almost 10 years!  Great store and a great customer.  Visiti their website HERE for their “Health Tip of the Day” and much much more!

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