Bug & Feature Requests

This area is used to post bugs,  post technical questions, and request new features.

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  1. Tim says:

    Put your bug and feature requests in here


  2. Steve Lyons says:

    A couple of feature requests…

    In the group change section you should be able to change the vendor for multiple products instead of clicking each product individually. Also in the same section you should be able to change the case quantity of multiple products. Also in that same section when you do a cost change the system only recognizes 2 decimal places, ie 1.27 cost intead of 1.27354. It auto rounds instead of keeping the extra decimals. Those are just a couple for right now, I’m sure I’ll have some more. Please keep me updated.

    Thanks, Steve


  3. joe pastore says:

    We got a new scale to weigh our bulk goods and it uses a 13 digit upc instead of a 12 digit upc which is what we are using now. We re-entered the products but they will not scan at our register. how do we get them to work?


  4. I guess this is the place to leave ‘new’ suggestions if I am somehow suppose to start a new thread please feel free to move this post as needed and point me to the how-to doc …

    It would be a big help if we could access different screens w/o having to close the current one.

    1) Add a new Brand or Size w/o while updating a product.

    2) From the Inventory screen, while processing a PO, the ability to edit a products case count, and “order by” behavior … and the biggie, edit the products price (though I admit this would need to be thought out as it could potentially cause a lot of unnecessary register updating.

    That’s all for now 🙂


  5. larry pooler says:

    The ability to change price, case qty in the PO screen would save alot of time when receiving items


  6. larry pooler says:

    Bookkeeping reports

    Total net sales in BO reports soes not always agree with ruby printed reports total net dept sales.


  7. larry pooler says:

    bookkeeping report

    In house charges in BO does not agree with ruby report totals if there are any refunds to In House charges. I could not find Refunds for in house charges in the BO data to make the report produce the correct amounts


  8. larry pooler says:

    All quantities for fuel are rounded down, the ruby system reports the fuel quantities to the 1/1000. I would like to see quantities presented to at a minimum to the 1/10 of gallon using conventional rounding rules.


  9. larry pooler says:

    I could not find the numbers for tax exempt sale in the bookkeeping reports.


  10. larry pooler says:

    I could not find In House Pay Ins in the bookkeep reports.


  11. larry pooler says:

    product lookup by in price book does not work for 8-digit barcode if leading digit is zero.


  12. larry pooler says:

    When I used the back-order function in PO’s and imported the PO the quantities did not get passed to the PLU record.


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