QR Codes on Cigarette Packs begin Mid May – Be Prepared

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are popping up everywhere these days. QR Codes storing addresses and URL’s may appear in restaurant menus, magazines, buses, business cards, real estate signs or on almost any object about which users might need information.  Beginning mid-May you will start to see QR Codes on your cigarette packages. If you are a smoker this could be a good thing. Scanned with your iPhone, the QR code could provide product information or perhaps a place to smoke? But if you are a Retailer the QR code may provide a headache since the QR code is located next to the Barcode (UPC). Initial testing has shown that 2D Image Scanners can read the QR code instead of the barcode (at the register) which has sent some POS devices to the internet and halts the sale. It is also possible that reading the QR code will result in a “product not found” error message.  1D scanners do not read QR codes, they will work with no problem and no headache.  2D scanners can work properly after a setting adjustment. Good luck out there!

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