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Having a powerful back office software is key to running a successful business.  With over 20 years in the back office and point-of-sale business, we have learned that retailers want to OWN their software vs. rent.  Owning software gives you the security of knowing that you have control and your point-of-sale is not at risk of being “taken away“.

backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software starts at $1200.00 for PriceBook and Reporting Modules.  If you are paying $150/month to RENT software you will pay $1800.00 the first year [and the 2nd year and the 3rd year, etc – you get my point!].  OUCH!

InsightRS offers an optional support plan starting at $350.00 – that’s $29.00 per month for unlimited support and all software upgrades!  Instead of wasting money monthly with back office software – start MAKING money with back office software!

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