backOffice™ with NCC Reflection POS® & Touch Dynamic Breeze installed at Green Grocer

Insight Retail Software is proud to announce that it has completed installation of its first InsightRS/Reflection Point of Sale System at Green Grocer in Clifton Park, NY.  Moorfield’s Green Grocer had been using an older ECR system and wanted an upgrade to something new. InsightRS chose to use the Touch Dynamic Breeze all-in-one terminal with its integrated touch monitor, rear-facing customer display and MSR.

Green Grocer also elected to use Mercury Payment Systems as its credit card processor along with MercuryGift™ for their Gift Cards and plan to use the MercuryLoyalty™ program soon.

The Green Grocer owners and employees are thrilled with the new system both in terms of its ease of use and performance.  “We feel like we have finally moved into the 21st century” said Biorn, owner of the large and popular Organic Grocer and Health Food Store.

By day two the cashiers were completely comfortable with operating the new system.  Since Green Grocer was already using backOffice™ Software, their management reports and back office functions continued with no change as they were able to use the same software as they did with their old POS Terminal.

InsightRS plans to roll out the new point of sale system to many of its customers in the near future.

InsightRS began development of its interface with NCC Reflection POS in January 2012 and is currently working with NCC to promote this system to their large dealer network across the US and around the world.

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