Grow Your Business with Doyles Sheehan and Insight Retail Software

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For more than 35 years, Doyles Sheehan has been a full-service distributor of food service, convenience and grocery products to a diverse customer base throughout the greater Northwest. DS has customers throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. They know how to compete effectively in the wholesale industry while always keeping their primary focus on the customer. I saw this first hand as InsightRS was invited to attend their Annual Tradeshow in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

This family-owned and family-operated company, is nothing short of top-notch. They reach far beyond simply selling products to their customers. They truly know the importance of traditional, dependable and superior service. They show daily that these core values, combined with sophisticated inventory, ordering, delivery and marketing systems are crucial to success for them and their customers.

So were does InsightRS fit in?

Electronic Data Interchange

or simply putEDI

EDI refers to the transfer of electronic data. Our EDI Module allows Doyles Sheehan customers to import their invoices directly into backOffice™ Software electronically from Doyles Sheehan. Gone are the days of spending HOURS on data entry to update pricing and receiving orders. Once imported, backOffice™ will identify new products received from Doyles Sheehan, any price or cost changes and the quantity shipped of each item. With the click of a button, new items are added, price and cost changes are made, and an order is created in the inventory module!

The low cost of this module added to backOffice™ Software will very quickly pay for itself in hours saved on data entry and missed price changes.  Join the other Doyles Sheehan customers and start growing your business the easy way!

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