Welcome to the Insight Retail Software Blog !

Welcome to the new Insight Retail Software Blog !  Our blog has been created to help us better serve the users of backOffice from Insight Retail Software.  We intend for this blog to be a helpful repository of information and a way for everyone in the backOffice community to communicate and share ideas.

Come on everybody, lets get started !    TIM

4 Responses to Welcome to the Insight Retail Software Blog !

  1. Tina says:



  2. trischbieter says:



  3. milin patel says:

    Hey tim,
    how is it going….i hope you remeber me….my name is milin patel from quick stop stores, savannah ga…i had bought a copy of the “back ofice” last january…..i rarely used it and i have sold the store…..
    Are you finished with the quickbooks integration?
    i am reaaaly interested in quickbook sync…

    lemme know

    milin patel


  4. trischbieter says:

    Hey Milan,
    We have an interface written to the invoicing part of Quickbooks so that invoices that are generated in Quickbooks can be imported into backOffice so that inventories and sales history reports are updated. We plan on finishing the interface so that daily sales and vendor payables can be posted to Quickbooks later this year.


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