– FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 11, 2010 –



Sam4S SPS 5X0 and SPS 2000 ECR’s


Insight Retail Software is proud to announce the upcoming release of backOffice™ for the Sam4S SPS5X0 Hybrid ECR’s and SPS 2000 ECR.   With over 20 years of back office software development experience, our software is feature-rich, easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable for single store operators and multi-site chains. 

backOffice™ is currently interfaced with the SAMi Series polling software.  backOffice™ provides complete price book, reporting and inventory functions and SAMi software will (a) send the PLU programming to the ECR’s and (b) poll sales information from the ECR’s.  backOffice™ imports the sales information and provides extensive reporting  and inventory capabilities.

backOffice™ is currently operational in hundreds of retail locations nationwide with ECR’s from Datasym and Sharp.  backOffice™ is also used in the C-Store Petroleum industry with locations using Verifone’s Ruby, Topaz or Sapphire, and Gilbarco’s Passport and G-Site Gas Pump Controllers.  backOffice™ is sold through a dealer network (retail and petroleum industries) and directly to end-users by Insight Retail Software.

Insight Retail Software, in partnership with Norman Rischbieter from the Owen Group SE and John Cheek of Cash Register and POS Systems, will begin rollout of  backOffice™ with SAMi Software and SPS 5X0 Series ECR’s in early March 2010 at a group of 6 thrift stores in Atlanta, Georgia.  The system will include fourteen (14) SPS 530 ECR’s being  controlled by backOffice™ software at a headquarters location.

For more information please contact Timothy Rischbieter at 518-633-4111 x 101, or by email – tim@insightrs.com.  More information and a complete backOffice™ software  flash demonstration video is available at  www.insightrs.com in the RESOURCES section, Or by clicking here: http://insightrs.com/resources/backOfficeDemo/backofficeDemoV1.html

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