Gas Station Software

After conducting a little straw poll of my own, I found that most people call their store a “C-Store” or “Convenience Store”.  When I see Gas Station, or Gas Station Software I am taken back to my days as a child when my Mom would pull into a gas station and a man in uniform with his name proudly displayed on his hat and shirt would rush to the vehicle eager to help us.

This full service gas station is more rare today and typically comes with a per gallon surcharge.  No more days of the “you can trust your car to the man who wears the star”.

Today, “The Man Who Wears the Star” can have POWERFUL back office software for his gas station, without spending a fortune.  Or maybe I should say he can have POWERFUL back office software for his Convenience Store and Gas Pump Controller.  Back Office Software for Gilbarco?  Back Office for Ruby?  Either way, backOffice™ Software from Insight Retail Software can make running a C-Store more profitable and hassle free.  Mix and Match for Gilbarco’s Passport POS?  Not a problem.

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