Looking for Back Office Software but only have 1 Convenience Store? NO PROBLEM!

Big Dog or Little Dog – doesn’t matter to us!  The smaller store [little dog] gets the same powerful software as the large chain stores  [a.k.a. big dog].  Some companies will not even talk to the single store owner.  Not us!  Insight Retail Software caters to both and is successful with both.

backOffice™ starts at $1200.00 for Pricebook and Reporting Modules.  Inventory Module can be added for only $1200.00 more.  Inventory can be purchased at initial install or at a later date.  But most importantly, our backOffice™ Software is full of features that would normally be priced for thousands of dollars more and only available to the BIG DOGS!

backOffice™ will let you be a Big Dog, no matter how small you are!

View our online demo at http://insightrs.com

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