Elias Market – Eat your fruits and vegetables!

We are very excited to have added Elias Market to our circle.  Elias Market has two specialty food stores, located in Beth and Allentown PA, where among other things they sell amazing produce.

We were brought in by Andy from Andy Bednar’s Point of Sale to help improve the system at the store.  The customer uses Datasym 650 cash registers and with their growing business needed a better way to maintain their ever-changing prices. They will be able to maintain both stores from their main location.

Tina and I are huge consumers of produce, we use a Vitamix to make green shakes for breakfast every day.  These shakes contain fruits and vegetables and truly offer noticeable health benefits.  We go to lots of different stores to get the ingredients (right now its Green Grocer (IRSI customer) Aldi, Price Chopper (one of our local chains of grocery stores) and Walmart).  If we lived anywhere near Elias we would only go there for sure.  Not only do they carry an amazing variety of produce but also beautiful meats and specialty items.

Visit them if you are even close, I know I would!

Elias Market eliasinside

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