Good Luck to Roy Morris ~Morris Marketing

Roy Morris has been a valued customer of IRSI since November, 2007 when he purchased backOffice™ to run his two stores in Butte, MT.  Roy is not only a customer but has become a good friend as we have exchanged stories and heard of his many adventures with ice boating during the winter months and river rafting during the summertime in their beautiful State of Montana.  Roy and his wife have sold their C-Stores and will no longer be a backOffice™ customer but will remain a friend.

Today in an email exchange he stated “You’ve been an important part of our retail success and I hope I can do you a good turn in the future.”  So we want to say GOOD LUCK to Roy and Deb as they head into their next chapter of life!  As Roy would say “Happy Trails” !

Looks like they are having fun!  Cheers Roy and Deb!
roy morris

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