Proposed Federal Excise Tax on Cigarettes/Tobacco


The proposed 2014 federal budget could mean bad news for c-store and retail stores who sell cigarettes and tobacco. The proposed budget includes a 94-cent per pack levy increase on cigarettes, with a comparable increase on all other tobacco products. The tax is expected to generate about $78 billion over the next ten years, but will undoubtedly add challenges for c-store owners who already struggle in the world of tobacco retailing. Learn More Here.
Luckily, backOffice™ can make this transition a little easier. With our Group Change feature, we make it easy to select all of your cigarettes or tobacco products at once and change your prices to reflect the tax increase. Group Change is perfect for “across the board” price changes like this one, and is a huge time saver compared to changing each price individually.


If this tax ends up affecting your sales, and in turn your inventory levels, we’ve got you covered! Reorder using our “Order Based On Sales” feature over any time period, and backOffice™ will reorder your products based on quantity sold, making sure you always have what you need. Just another way to help you run your business more effectively, be successful, and Do Better.

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