Fall is in the air!

September 15, 2010

Are you considering Windows 7 for your business?

March 17, 2010

backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software is Windows 7 compliant! So, if you are trying to decide if “7” is right for you, please know that your backOffice™  software will continue to work beautifully with no issues!

Attention Samsung – Sam4S Dealers:

February 16, 2010


Why become a backOffice™ Dealer with Insight Retail Software?

  •      Interfaced with SAMi Series Polling Software
  •      Over 20 years of experience in back office software development and point-of-sale  
  •      Over 350 installs in 41 states and 3 countries
  •      Powerful and feature rich software at an extremely affordable price
  •      Unparalleled service before and after the sale
  •      The option to purchase only the modules you need and not the ones you don’t
  •      Give your customers more control of their operations
  •      Insight provides complete software demo for your customers at  http://www.insightrs.com/resources/backOfficeDemo/backofficeDemoV1.html [in the Resources Section]

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