Norm Rischbieter Named Dir. of Customer Services

July 24, 2012

Tina Rischbieter, VP
Insight Retail Software


Insight Retail Software Names Norman Rischbieter as Director of Customer Services

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y.,   July 24, 2012 – Insight Retail Software [InsightRS] specializes in the development of backOffice™ Software for retailers in today’s C-Store, Petroleum and Specialty Retail Marketplaces. InsightRS serves the single store and multi-store locations with excellence.

Norman Rischbieter brings an extensive knowledge of back office software, ECR’s, point of sale peripherals, computer networking and years of industry experience to InsightRS.   Norm will be in charge of managing customer relations which will range from backOffice™ Software installs, customer training and customer Help Desk.

The expansion of our Customer Relations team will further strengthen our ability to meet the needs of our customers,” noted Timothy Rischbieter, President of InsightRS.  “Norm’s background in education, extensive knowledge and experience with the software and hardware offered by InsightRS, will greatly benefit our sales network and our clients”.

You will not find a guy that is more dedicated to solving problems or making customers happy, than Norm.”  Timothy Rischbieter, President

Norm joined InsightRS July 2012 and will represent the company at RSPA RetailNow 2012 in Las Vegas.

Norman and his wife Carolyn live in Trenton, SC.

Cigarette Tax Increase in Illinois – Simplify with Group Price Change Feature

June 12, 2012

If you sell Cigarettes in your Store, you are very familiar with price increases and tax hikes. Recently the Illinois General Assembly raised the state cigarette tax from $1 to $1.98 per pack. The tax hike goes into effect June 24, 2012.

The Group Price Change feature in backOffice™ Software is the perfect tool for these “across the board” price increases. This PER PACK and PER CARTON increase can be done with a few keystrokes instead of hours or days adjusting each individual product.

If you are in a nearby State and are seeing an increase in sales because of this tax hike, “Orders Based on Sales” is a great way to keep your shelves stocked. Group Price Change is one of the many tools that backOffice™ Software provides to help make your Store successful.

It’s Summer ~

May 30, 2012

End of the Month Special Pricing for backOffice™ Software from Insight Retail Software

May 29, 2012

Three days left for free install on backOffice™ Software – save $300.00!

Are you looking for back office software for your …..

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Check out Mountain Greens Market in Bristol, VT – backOffice™ Software with Datasym ECR’s

May 11, 2012

Vermont makes me think of beautiful green mountains, healthy living and awesome country markets.  Mountain Greens Market in Bristol, Vermont is all of those wonderful things under one roof.  MGM gives you organic produce, specialty cheeses, wines, deli sandwiches, bulk items, vitamins, beautiful green mountain views and much, much more.  If you are in their area, stop in for a fun and wonderful Vermont experience.

Insight Retail Software is pleased to feature our customer, Mountain Greens Market using backOffice™ with their Datasym Cash Registers.  We wish them all the best for a successful summer season.  You can read more about MGM by visiting their website or their Facebook Page.

Here’s  look inside the store:

To have your business featured by IRSI please send us pictures or contact us via our facebook page at   Thanks!  For more information on backOffice™ Software please visit our website:

Doubt the Power of Cash? Look What Walmart’s Doing – Order Online but Pay with Cash

April 27, 2012

Walmart has launched a new “Pay with Cash” option for its customers. Online shoppers can now pay for their purchases with cash at any physical Walmart location. At checkout, web shoppers who choose “cash” as the payment option will receive an order number and an email receipt. Customers then have 48 hours to present that order number at the cash register of any physical Walmart store to complete payment, at which point the shipping process is initiated.

Walmart says its decision to offer a new payment option is motivated by FDIC statistics on the underbanked. The FDIC estimates that 25 percent of U.S. consumers have limited banking options, and therefore prefer cash to make purchases. The release also revealed that just 15 percent of Walmart transactions are completed with credit cards.

A full release announcing the new feature is available at

Article located here

Here’s a blast from the past – and a great reason to call Insight Retail Software!

November 11, 2011

On a recent trip to Northern Arkansas we visited this Dry Goods Store, which was like walking into a museum.  Although this guy was able to successfully sell Tim a nice pair of leather gloves, this register setup is not ideal for the average retail store.  I did however enjoy watching the old machine work!

Junk you can toss right now!

October 13, 2011

Are you holding on to paperwork ‘just in case’ it’s needed? Know what you really need, and you can confidently shred the rest.

It can be tricky to figure out what paperwork you need to keep and what you can toss. Too often we cling to paper because we may need it “someday.”

This article from  By Liz Weston, MSN Money  has some helpful tips.

“It’s all fear, baby!” said professional organizer Monica Ricci of Catalyst Organizing in Atlanta. “We often fear what we are unsure of or don’t understand. . . . If you’re uncertain about the value or whether you’ll need it again, you tend to err on the conservative side and keep it.”

That can lead to overstuffed filing cabinets and paperwork clutter that weighs on your psyche.

But so much of what we keep is really unnecessary. To relieve your soul, and your filing cabinets, here’s a list of paperwork you can live without. Such as:  Read entire article by clicking here


Is your business ready for the Holidays?

October 8, 2010

Are you ready for the big holiday deliveries? The salesmen are already starting to take orders for holiday items and the deliveries will quickly follow!

backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software will help you make smart buying decisions, properly price your items and easily manage your inventory during these busy times!  If you have a Retail Store, C-Store or Liquor Store, give us a call.  We can take the stress out of this holiday season.

Are you considering Windows 7 for your business?

March 17, 2010

backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software is Windows 7 compliant! So, if you are trying to decide if “7” is right for you, please know that your backOffice™  software will continue to work beautifully with no issues!

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