May 24, 2017

From new Starburst and Snickers to M&M’s and Skittles, iconic candies are getting flavor extensions.

May 24, 2017

​CHICAGO – During this week’s National Confectioners Association (NCA) Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, Mars Chocolate North America and Wrigley will share a unified vision of driving growth for customers through three key areas: product innovations, effective activations and selling strategies. Taking center stage at the trade show are several new flavor extensions to consumers’ favorite brands, including: Extra Chewy Mints; 5 Gum Mega Packs; M&M’S Caramel Chocolate Candies; M&M’s White Chocolate Candies; Skittles and Starburst Sweet Heat; Snickers & Hazelnut Bar; and Twix Dark Chocolate Cookie Bars.

“This year we’re launching more than 30 new products and packs that offer a range of choices to meet consumer preferences,” said Timothy LeBel, president of sales for Mars Chocolate North America, in a press release. “Our new products deliver on several key industry trends, including focusing on transparency and choice, offering the opportunity to indulge in moderation, and meeting consumers’ desire for fun and functional gum and mints, as well as new formats and flavors in chocolate. We’re tapping into consumer trends and producing surprising twists and experiences from our most popular brands.”

In addition to product innovations, Wrigley and Mars Chocolate will unveil new selling strategies aimed at driving sales for retailers. “We’re looking within and even beyond our category to not only understand what innovations will resonate with consumers, but also to truly understand the way they shop for those products,” said Edward Taylor, vice president of U.S. sales and operations for Wrigley. “Helping our partners maximize opportunities is a top priority for us and to expand on the success of our Transaction Zone Vision program, we’ll be highlighting a variety of new shopper behavior findings from our Path-to-Purchase research at this year’s show, as well as sharing online insights.”

Read NACS Online here

⇒  Are you sick of adding new products?  

Please tell me you aren’t doing this at the register or gas pump controller?

Don’t tie up your POS system with price changes and entering new products.  DO THIS IN YOUR BACKOFFICE SOFTWARE!  backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software makes the time consuming job of price changes and new product additions a breeze.  Your gas pump controller should be used to ring up SALES, not changing prices.
Group price changes and our EDI module will more than pay for your backOffice™ Software.  Give us a call today:  518-633-4112

EDI Manager now available with your backOffice™ Software

August 28, 2013



Insight Retail Software  is proud to announce the release of EDI Manager.  Almost every vendor can supply you with an electronic invoice of your order, and our new EDI Manager allows you to import these invoices directly into backOffice™.

Once imported, backOffice™ will identify new products received in the order, any price or cost changes and the quantity shipped of each item.  With the click of a button, new items are added, price and cost changes are made, and an order is created in the inventory module!

Just another way to run your business more effectively and save you time.

For more information please complete the form below.  Thank you!


May 21, 2012

“Three things are certain: Death, taxes and lost data. Guess which has occurred?”  ~ David Dixon

Years ago my Dentist said “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.”*  Your data files are the same way.  Although a full system backup is recommended, backed up DATA files are a must.  Insight Retail Software has a diversified group of customers ranging from smaller Mom and Pop Stores to larger chains of stores.  The common thread between Big Stores, Little Stores, Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, Hospital Gift Shops, Retail Stores, Beauty Supply or Flea Markets is valuable computer data.

Doesn’t matter if you are using Gilbarco Passport, VeriFone Ruby or Sapphire, Datasym, Sam4S [for example] backOffice™ Software’s “SCHEDULER” will allow you to automatically save a copy of your very valuable backOffice™ data.

My Monday morning advice is:  Floss your teeth and backup your computer!

* “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth,

just the ones you want to keep.”

~ Dr. Edwina Hunter

Datasym EliXR – PCR-6500 and backOffice™ Software from Insight Retail Software

September 21, 2011

Insight Retail Software has fully tested the recently released Datasym EliXR and we are very excited! If you are a Datasym Dealer and are looking for the perfect back office software for your Datasym installs, Give us a call. We have worked with Datasym and Datasym dealers for almost 20 years.

Eastgate Liquors uses backOffice™ Software with their Datasym ECR’s

September 15, 2011

New England Point of Sale (NEPOS) has had great success as a Dealer of backOffice™ Software and Datasym ECR’s.  InsightRS would like to feature their customer, Eastgate Liquors with locations in Wilmington and North Reading, MA.

Eastgate Liquors Wilmington, MA location was started in 1971 by entrepreneur John A. Lucci Jr, serving the Wilmington and Reading area with beer, wine and top shelf liquor at discount  prices.  The original store which contained 6,000 square feet of retail floor area and an 8 door cooler chest, has since expanded to over double the original retail space and a cooler chest of 21 doors.

The Eastgate Liquors North Reading store opened in 1976 as a sister store of the Wilmington location. Today North Reading’s cooler which houses pallets of frosty traditional and microbrewed beers boasts 51 cooler doors and includes chilled wines and a convenience area containing dairy products.

Easily rated #1 in the area, Eastgate’s inventory has grown three fold from the start in 1971 and now draws customers from all surrounding towns,  justifying its claim to having the best selection of beer, wine, and liquor North of Boston.

Eastgate Liquors has a great website that features recipes, cocktails and daily specials.  Check them out here or even better visit their store and take advantage of their great selection and daily specials.

Thank you NEPOS and Eastgate Liquors!

InsightRS – Back Office Software for Datasym POS

September 12, 2011

We frequently talk about our C-Store and Petroleum Dealers but let’s not forget our fantastic Cash Register Dealers!  This week we will feature some of our ECR + backOffice™ Software locations.  For example – The Owen Group does a great job at Greenwood Liquors in Warwick, RI with their Datasym Registers and backOffice™ Software.  So if you are near 2725 Post Road in Warwick, Rhode Island, stop in for your wine and liquor shopping!

Do you want to recreate your entire database?

September 17, 2010

I doubt it!   backOffice™  has an automatic backup feature that will protect you in the event of  a CRASH.  Protect your data files just like you would protect your home, vehicle, etc.   backOffice™ gives you this “insurance” at no extra charge.  So don’t get caught off guard, take advantage of the  backOffice™  scheduler for daily backups!

Are you considering Windows 7 for your business?

March 17, 2010

backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software is Windows 7 compliant! So, if you are trying to decide if “7” is right for you, please know that your backOffice™  software will continue to work beautifully with no issues!

Another Gold Dealer Install from The Owen Group SE

March 15, 2010

“A gift can be a ray of sunshine during a loved one’s hospital stay.”  Which is why the John C. Lincoln Gift Shop in Phoenix, Arizona works so hard to provide everything from new baby plush toys to a selection of current magazines.  

To assist  in their success The Owen Group from Trenton, South Carolina has successfully completed an install of Insight’s backOffice™ Software to work with their Datasym ECR’s.

We wish continued success to the John C. Lincoln Gift Shop and congratulate Norm Rischbieter at The Owen Group for another successful install.

Visit The Owen Group SE website:

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