Abercrombie & Fitch Sales Tax Dispute

January 24, 2011

If it can happen to Abercrombie….it can happen to you.  Recently it was discovered that the Abercrombie store in Wilton, NY was not charging the proper Sales Tax on their clothing items.  The 1.5% overcharge has become a headline news story and the store has now closed.  It’s very important to have the proper sales tax associated with your items.  With backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software you can easily manage single or multiple store locations with different tax rates. 

Avoid the embarrassment, fines – penalties and possible store closure with a solid back office solution from Insight Retail Software!


Is your business ready for the Holidays?

October 8, 2010

Are you ready for the big holiday deliveries? The salesmen are already starting to take orders for holiday items and the deliveries will quickly follow!

backOffice™ from Insight Retail Software will help you make smart buying decisions, properly price your items and easily manage your inventory during these busy times!  If you have a Retail Store, C-Store or Liquor Store, give us a call.  We can take the stress out of this holiday season.

SAM4s SPS-500 selected a Best Channel Product!

August 2, 2010


backOffice™,  from Insight Retail Software, integrates with the Sam4S SPS-500 to provide Pricebook, Reporting and Inventory functionality for single and multiple store locations!

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